Celebrating the New Year in the Greek island of Rhodes

Every year on January 1, it is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm on the island of Rhodes. The people of Rhodes await this day, as it is not only Protohronia (Year's Eve), but also on St. Basil's Day. Children of all ages want to receive gifts from St. Basil. The island of Rhodes has its own New Year meaning and many different traditions and celebrations are associated.

Celebrating the New Year in Rhodes offers the opportunity to reveal the culture and traditions of this place. In all the islands, there are different celebrations and firework shows. In order to make your Rhodes Fest special during the new year, preparations for this mega event begin in advance.


When it comes to the island of Rhodes, there is always something interesting every year. Here you can enjoy fabulous moments and remember memories of your holidays in Rhodes. People greet the new year with the greatest joy. According to a tradition, any boy or girl named Vasilis receives gifts and desires. Churches and monasteries named Vasilis plan special celebrations.

Year Head Cake – Vassilopita:

It is also known as the Sant Basili Festa, cutting the annual coca cake is one of the oldest traditions in the island of Rhodes, Greece. A coin is placed inside the cake. The head of the house cuts the cake and slices all the members of the family. Whoever has the slice with money is believed to have a lucky year. So do not forget to cut the Year's Eve cake with your family during the Rhodes holidays.


The Greeks believe that a lot of fortune is associated with the New Year. Therefore, people consider it lucky to play. They are worth or lose, they keep playing all day long. Following the tradition, they gather around a table covered with green felt and they play cards. Playing cards and rolling the dice have become more like customs in Rhodes.

Filling the ship:

As part of the old New Year's traditions in Rhodes, people empty a glass of water and then fill it with fresh water.

Celebrations and other celebrations:

To greet the new year, many hotels and restaurants organize special special holidays. In the same way, the celebrations take place in bars and cafes. There are special gala nights and musical nights. These parties start at midnight and last until morning.


Christmas carols are essential in Rhodes. Children visit houses in their neighborhood while singing Kalanda and salute them with Year's wishes. Homeowners give small gifts or money to these children.

Greetings and gifts:

New Year's gifts play a key role in celebrations in New Year. People usually greet their loved ones and exchange gifts with them. There are several songs on the New Year's Eve, that people sing and dedicate to their next and dear ones on this occasion.

Rhodes Holidays promises great opportunities for enjoyment, especially during the new year. It does not matter if you come with your friends, family, and even or alone; This beautiful island will fulfill all your wishes and it will make it a wonderful new year.

Drink driving statistics and you

Driving while drunk is a serious mistake that can have serious consequences. Every time you take it while you are intoxicated, you put yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk of being involved in a serious accident. They also arrested the police and arrested for driving while they were intoxicated. If convicted, your punishment may include the suspension of your driver's license, serious fines, conviction of detention or prison and service to the community.

Deaths due to alcohol accidents

Despite the serious penalties for drunken driving, many people still choose to go to the car while they are drinking. Every year thousands of people are killed in alcohol-related accidents across the country. A report by the organization Death Needless End on Our Roadways found that, in several states, alcohol-related road deaths accounted for 40 percent or more of all road deaths each year. The state with the highest rate of death related to alcohol was Rhode Island, with a 55% excrescor of all alcohol-related traffic deaths. The alcohol-related mortality rate of Rhode Island has remained higher than the national average since 1982. The percentage of alcohol-related traffic deaths in Rhode Island has been estimated at 45% and 67% every year, well above the national average of 30%.

Could it be you

The National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that, on average, a person dies in a alcohol-related accident every 30 minutes. Even more alarming is the fact that driving with disabilities will affect a third of Americans at some point in their lives, whether it be a drunk driver, driving with a drunk driver or being involved in an accident with a driver with disability Only in 2002, 17,419 people died in alcohol related accidents in the United States

If you're drunk, do not risk rising your car. In many states, even simply sitting in a parked car while drunk can cause an influential operative burden (OUI). Even if you feel sensitive, wait until you're left to drive or call a friend or a taxi, or take a bus, bike or walk home if possible. Do not trust a drunk friend that will bring you home, even if they say it's okay to drive. If you have drunk your side, chances are they are also drunk. Getting behind the wheel while drunk is not worth the risk of being arrested for a DUI and certainly not worth the risk for your life or for someone else.

For more information

If you or someone you know has been arrested for driving drink, consider contacting a DUI lawyer immediately to help you with your case. For more information on drunken driving charges and prepare for court, visit the website of the experienced Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer James Powderly today

Should you worry that your divorce documents are in the public record?

Divorce is very different from all states and countries in some way because the laws and procedures are almost certain of different in each jurisdiction.

In some states, divorce laws demand that the claimant alleges specific actions that demonstrate why the other spouse is the fault of the marriage rupture and the type of guilt.

This should worry you, since divorce documents are considered almost always records accessible to the public in most jurisdictions? Surely it should be if you are concerned about the fact that your personal life is open to the public.

For example: Perhaps your reason for divorcing in the marriage of 15 years is that your wife is a very violent chronic alcoholic and that physically hits you frequently.

Do you want the world to have access to this information in a public court file for everyone to know it? If you do not want people to know this information, it is very likely that the answer to the question of this article, yes. Almost surely I would be worried that the next neighbor could go down to the court and know the details of your private civil life.

Let's take another example. Imagine saying a divorce "without fault" in a courtroom. A "no fault" divorce is generally one where a divorce is requested not at the fault of either party, but simply because the parties have differentiated from any of many reasons, such as different aspirations or goals of life, changes in their lifestyles, or any of the differences that the parties can not conciliate that have caused the permanent rupture of the marriage.

The documents that you present in this divorce should worry because they are open to the public? May be.

We add a little more detail to the example to add a more relevant factor. Suppose for the moment that the divorce is filed in the state of Rhode Island. In Rhode Island divorces, you must present a financial statement of assets and liabilities that you must swear with accuracy and complete under oath. In this particular form, you must identify the verification accounts in your name, indicating the name of your bank, the bank account number and the amount of money in your account.

Maybe that would not have worried people 20 years ago, but today if you are not very vigilant you can steal your identity or erase your bank account. Today, in a few hours, a person can download to a local technology store and buy a check writing program, paper review and magnetic toner and create a printed check that the computer program fills with a digital one. duplicate your signature to be authentic only if you notice the divorce file and copy or scan up to 4 pages of the court divorce file.

Unless you take action to protect yourself in a divorce file in Rhode Island, you could literally reduce your bank account in less than 24 hours. To all those who take a few minutes to think what can happen when a divorce occurs in the state of Rhode Island, you should worry that the documents used to do so are issues of public registration.

How many other states require documents to be presented as public records that expose you to identity theft and bank fraud? Frankly, I do not know. However, there is more than enough to worry me.

Before submitting documents for a divorce in your state, consider what may happen to the information you file and find out if there is any way to protect your personal information when you file a divorce.

Ultimately, in the current technological era it is better to be aware of the content you disclose in any document that will be a public record once you file them.

As a matter of self-preservation, you should always be concerned about the information contained in the documents you file in any divorce. Will they be available to the public? It is always better to ask.

The documents that divorce in your state may contain information that identifies you. The documents may include your full name and address, the name of your bank, your bank account numbers, your date of birth, and even the names and dates of birth of your wife and your children . Remember that some people will go out in the long run to steal your identity and your money.

Would you have to worry that your divorce documents are in the public record? Because divorce usually requires the disclosure of substantial personal information about you and your family and all your assets, the answer is undeniable "Yes!"

It's time to place your bets, even in some strange bets

It is commonly known that Vegas is the place where you can bet legally for almost anything, as long as the books offer bets on a proposal. Players love to put their money in strange bets, especially for the Super Bowl. Now that the Supreme Court has annulled the prohibition of sports betting, we could only see that more strange bets are offered to states that opt ​​for sports books. Odd bets are not unique to Vegas. The United Kingdom is also involved in the action.

Here is a collection of some of the strangest, most bizarre and sassy bets ever done:

  • 1979: The late Jackie Gaughn, owner of the hotel El Cortez, in the center of Las Vegas, published probabilities when the American satellite exploded Skylab, He was about to fall to the ground. The odds arose where he would beat: 5/1 for one of the five oceans, 12/1 in the Soviet Union, 100/1 in California soil, 2,000 / 1 for a blow in the small Rhode Island and even 10,000. / 1 that will crash into El Cortez! It turns out that he landed in Australia at 30/1.
  • 1980: From the popular television show Dallas: "Who shot JR?" The bets were taken at Hotel Castaways with the odds of all the cast members before the cliff's hanging episode of the season, but the Game Control Board ordered a stop at All bets because someone had to have a script that knew the answer.
  • 1981: In the midst of the continuing polemic for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the burial ground of the presumed murderer Lee Harvey Oswald was about to exhume himself to confirm his identity. The book of sports of the Union Plaza advanced quickly on the car of the proposal on whose body it would be in the coffin. Probabilities were published for a Soviet agent, Jack Ruby (assassin of Oswald and # 39; s) or an empty coffin. Due to the concerns about the virtue of this bet, the gaming commission put a lid on him. It turns out he was Oswald after all.
  • In the United Kingdom, the FBI confirmed that Elvis is still alive and 500/1 that Michael and LaToya Jackson are equal in the United Kingdom.
  • UK bookshops also offered 1,000/1 that Tiger Woods would become US president and 5,000 / 1 Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky would marry.
  • A resident in London named Matthew Drumbell placed a bet of 1,000,000 for 1 that the world would end before the year 2000. Of course, who would be left to pay if he survived? No fist destined to the name of the man.

During the Super Bowl week in Las Vegas, millions of dollars are issued through the betting terminals to bet on one of the favorite teams and also some strange bets. Here are some of the Super Bowls & # 39; previous bets:

· Singer Kelly Clarkston will ignore or trastocará one or more words to the national anthem? How long will it take to sing it? More or less than one minute, 34 seconds. Will the bare belly show her when she sings her?

· If the son of quarterback Tom Brady & # 39; Shown on TV during the game, will you wear a Tom Brady sweater?

· How many times will be shown on TV by the owner of the patriotic Robert Kraft during the match?

· What will be the first touching celebration? A ball ear, a dance, a lying on the floor, a goalgun, a Tim Tebow sneeze or a kiss to an entertainer?

· What color will Gatorade see to be the main coach of the winning team? Yellow, orange, clear, red, green, blue? (Yellow was the favorite.)

· Who will first thank the Super Bowl MVP in his interview after the game? Team mates, God, owner, coach, family, nobody? (Team mates were the favorites.)

So, there you have it. I wonder what strangers await us for the next Super Bowl? I guess we just have to wait to find out.

There are not too many incentives for residential grid grid systems in the United States

We start only with California, even to encourage the energy ROCKS, at least with regard to free electricity!

Small residual tie tie interfaces are most welcome in California, and not only encourage it, but reward it. If you have a smaller residential system, be it Wind, Solar, Hydro, the state of California will pay you if you have an excess on the monthly invoice. Yes, they will really send you a check for the electricity you provide above and with the monthly bill. Rhode Island will give you a credit (oh joy). And what about the people of Rhode Island, who would produce a 135% minimum each month for life? Well, people basically get it, too much electricity will still fall into the utility company and all this will end the story. If you do not have enough, you can not even transfer this credit to friends or relatives or anyone else for this topic.

Conserving energy or "going green" is not a burning issue in New England, because it is not rewarded. They give you little incentives and figures for credit, and everything that you really do for any person is the same as it is equivalent to a little bit of beans.

The main utility company in New England is NATIONAL GRID, a British-owned company that still has to be angry at the incident of the Boston tea party. I think it is outrageous that fossil fuels are attributed to global warming and global warming that this issue is not only reduced to the green back. Now there is a term that should "Turn green" …

Why do I write this? I recently built my own DIY Wind Machine and doing this from rubbish pieces. Everything that people pull along the road is correct. I proposed to show that a person can reduce their electricity bill by at least 15-20%. That is why I am so annoyed about this problem, enough to write some fragments that one day maybe they could read.

So come the people of New England (Rhode Island), that we take care of and pass to approve a bill that gives us the freedom to not intimidate us by the monopoly of CHRISTMAS.

Hello, California and other states have adopted this, we can also!

They always win Written by Anthony M Pesare

Mobs have been around since the time it was recorded. When Anthony Pesare sent me his book, I was surrounded by its content, asking me why and how these organizations led by thugs, assassins, persuasive, financial controllers and much more can control both the world. The book is excellent and it will ask you about the same things that disturbed me. The author, now Middletown police chief, Rhode Island, has seen everything and I'm sure he lived a great deal of it. I also wondered which connection I had, if any, in history.

The story begins as a recruitment from Rhode Island State Police, Gino Peterson. Gino was Italian and knew that most of the police forces were very short with the Italians, partially due to the numerous Italians of the crowd. After graduation, Gino fell to so many that opposed him as Italian to the state police, but Gino was determined to make the difference. During training and the first part of his work, he was transferred to many rural areas, but Gino thought it was time to try to enter the police intelligence part. He had a tough life as a young man, knowing that some of the things he did were not really legal, but he followed the orders his family gave him. These things taught Gino a lot about mobs. Sex, drugs, beatings, shaking of merchants and slaughter were routine to the crowd.

Gino met some of the mafia of his past association when he was young and used these connections to investigate and question some of those that he knew. Her sergeant and immediate boss of strength was Michelle, a woman who Gino had feelings from the first time she saw her, but the rules were that no state police officer could fraternize with each other. These two had deep feelings for each other and were seen secretly, or so they thought for a long time. Michelle helped give Gino elevators to the intelligence unit to do some work that was otherwise unavailable. Gino deepened in the investigation of several murders in which it was known that the crowd was involved. Gino would interview inmates to try to cooperate in charges of murder against the most wanted. He worked with the inmates and prosecutors preparing a trial against some key members of the crowd.

You will learn a lot about the organization of the mobs and how they were able to intimidate themselves, especially for fear, of so many who did not testify against the mafia guilty. You will go to trial with Gino, the gangsters and those who decided to testify against the gangsters they had been linked to for years. Gino, in most cases, would work directly with lawyers. You will hear how a jury will hear including the selection of this jury. You will find verdicts that seem impossible and charges that flew like a bird, but very few could believe the majority of them. The book is easy to follow, but so fun. The topic will leave you wondering how and why these organized groups exist.

The Greek Islands: how to experience the beauty that is the island of Rhodes

Welcome to the island of Rhodes, Greece, the legendary island of Heliios, the God of the Sun, the Rose of the Aegean, and famous all over the world, by the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and, cataloged humanity heritage, 14th century, medieval Old Town of Croatian Knights. A wonderful Roda, an island environment and a centenary environment, captivates its visitors with its many tourist delights. Here the past and the present coexist in a wonderful range of rugged landscapes, beautiful beaches, historic sites and picturesque traditional villages. Many who come will visit again and again.

The Greek islands have long been a favorite destination for those looking for virgin beauty, island, the best beaches and warm weather to which they coincide. The island of Rhodes (Rodos) has everything you need, where you will find a variety of tourist delights.

It only arrives in Athens in its historical monuments and treasures that include the Acropolis of Lindos, the Acropolis of Rhodes, the temple of Apollo, the old Ialysos, the old Kamiros, the Palace of the Governor and the palace, the wall of the old medieval city, the Palace of the Great Masters and the Archaeological Museum.

Some of its wonderful attractions include the city of Rhodes, Faliraki with the largest aquatic park in Europe, Kalithea, Trianda, Ixia and Paradise. There is Mandraki Harbor, the picturesque valley of the butterflies and, Seven Springs (Epta Piges). Try out luck at the Casino, play golf at the Afandou golf course or enjoy the nightlife and party atmosphere in its many discos, discos, bars, restaurants and taverns. Visit the historic Lindos and get to your acropolis that is only surpassed by the Acropolis of Athens. From Rhodes, you can also take a ferry to neighboring islands such as Kos, Symi, Patmos and Kalymnos.

Beautiful sandy beaches and pebbles surround the island. Many have been awarded the blue flag of the European Union for their clean and clean waters. And, with 300 days of sunshine, the island of Rhodes has become a paradise for swimming, light dive, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing.

Look behind the tourist landscape of the island of Rhodes to find rugged landscapes, hill monasteries and traditional villages with white houses. Residents are blessed, who live in tune with the rural values ​​based on God, morality and traditional way of life.


The city of Rhodes is the capital, financial and cultural center and, the most important of the Dodecanese Islands. It is divided into two parts. The old town, with its medieval high fortifications dating from the 14th and 15th centuries, is a legacy of the Croatian knights of San Juan who built it to defend the island against the invaders. And, just outside the medieval walls, you will find the new cosmopolitan city, modern and cosmopolitan.


The old town, with its high walls, turrets, battlements, walls and moats, is the oldest and largest medieval city, inhabited continuously in Europe. It covers 150 hectares, has more than 200 streets and, four kilometers, medieval walls that surround it. The European Heritage Commission and UNESCO have designated as a World Heritage Site that will be preserved for future generations.

Life continues in the old city, as it has been for centuries. Six thousand people still live in their high walls, in the houses where crooked Jews once lived. As you walk through your maze of cobbled streets and alleyways, you're walking past. Even so, the cosmopolitan life of modern Rhodes is located outside its medieval walls.


There are now two bronze deer on high columns at the entrance to the Mandraki port where once the Colossus of Rhodes was once. Tourists can enjoy panoramic views of the harbor full of yachts, excursion boats, cruises and fishing boats. There is the fortress of St. Nicholas of the fifteenth century, the three Byzantine windmills, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Saint John and a Turkish minaret. And there is the wonderful atmosphere of the New Market with its mauritania domes, stuffed with cafes, food stalls, gift shops and souvenir shops. Archaic public buildings and Italian neo-colonial styles cross the scenic scenes of the Mandraki harbor.


Historic Lindos, famous for its antiquity, is built around a steep rocky foot that rises 116 meters, its panoramic view, the ancient Acropolis, offers spectacular views of the city, the bays and from the Aegean coast. Here, the ancient and medieval architecture blends exclusively the Hellenistic monuments and the fortifications of Knight Crusader in a postal environment.


The hill, the Skiathi monastery, with its historical and miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary (formally known as Panayia Skiatheni) offers solitude and tranquility in the tranquility of southern Rhodes.

Located about six kilometers from the mountain village of Mesanagros, its breathtaking views and quiet surroundings make the trip gratifying. An rugged, mountainous and isolated landscape, the miles of the beautiful coastline with panoramic views of the Aegean, Karpathos Island, the Ktenia islet, as well as many other small barren islands and entrances, this small Byzantine and picturesque monastery has a postal image.


Children's custody law: the role of ad litem tutor for minors in the family court

In Rhode Island (RI), a tutor ad litem is a person who represents the hypothetical interest of the youngest child in custody, visits or other types of family court cases. The Guardian is not a lawyer for the youngest child!

Guardians are often used in cases of contingent custody when the parties can pay additional expenses. The judge could make an appointment or the parties can agree that a guardian is designated. If the parties can not afford a guardian, the court may require that Rhode Island family services conduct a study and an investigation at home for free.

A guardian is usually a lawyer or lawyer who has been certified by the family court. It must be certified by the court after hours of training. They could also be a psychologist or psychiatrist. It is very expensive. Normally, both parties pay 1/2 of the expense. However, if a party has substantially more resources, the other party may ask the judge to pay up to 100 percent of the expense. If a person's behavior caused the tutor's need or was to blame, he could order to pay up to 100 percent of the cost.

A retainer usually average between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars, depending on the complexity of the case. This can be very difficult to afford in a case of divorce or custody in Rhode Island, since both parties pay their divorce lawyer or divorce lawyer.

In complex cases with many tests, testimonials and complexes, a tutor can cost substantially more than $ 4,000. They charge hourly between 150 and 250 dollars per hour.

A guardian does not make the final decision on which parent will obtain a physical placement or legal custody of the child. The judge makes the final decision about custody, visitation and physical placement after listening to the trial or hearing. The tutor writes a report to present it to the court with its findings and recommendations.

A Guardian ad Litem could be designated in a case of divorce, a case of divorce, a case of visits, a case of custody or another type of action of the family court.

The Guardian interviews both parents and interviews with other witnesses involved in the lives of children, such as teachers, social workers, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, grandparents, aches, etc. The tutor will have full access to the medical records related to the child and perhaps with the parents. . You will have access to educational, religious and other records related to the child. The amount of testimonies interviewed depends sometimes on whether the parties can allow additional work.

The tutor usually interviews minors about their views on legal custody, placement and visitation. The higher the baby, the more weight it will give to the child's preferences in terms of custody or visit. The tutor may recommend that other professionals involve, such as licensed clinical social workers and psychologists.

Although the judge makes the final decision on placement, legal custody and visit, the tutor's report usually decides the problems. The judge usually adopts the tutor's recommendations. Both parties have the right to call the guardian as a witness and to challenge the opinions and the basis of these opinions.

However, judges feel frustrated by anyone who answers the recommendations. It is extremely difficult to get a judge from the Family Court of RI not to adopt the recommendations.

The essence of snap games

Playing out of games is an easy opportunity to instantly win a few thousand dollars. No brain work is required to play these games. Just scratch the part of the scratch based on latex (usually) to see if you have won instant prizes. The person can win or not, but the excitement and expectation of winning instant prizes make buying more scratch cards. In fact, it is a very addictive, though expensive, way of spending time.

Tickets for the first zero games were made using manual random verification techniques. Daniel Bower and John Koza (for Scientific Games Corporation) made the first computer-based lottery game in 1974. Astro-Med, Inc. West Warwick, in Rhode Island, was awarded the US patent patent for the instantaneous exit of the ticket. This was in 1987. The basic rule of scratch cards requires the player to scratch three or more painted areas, which hide symbols, words and numbers. Like a slot game, if all the elements of the scratch chart are identical, the player wins an award.

There are also tricky scratch games that involve several methods to win in a single letter. Some of these scratch cards consist of combining images, words, symbols or adapt to popular games such as poker, blackjack or monopoly. Some of these complicated games are related to popular and popular topics such as MLB, Harley Davidson, NHL, NASCAR, the World Cup (FIFA) and Marvel Comics.

Scientific Games Corporation manufactures these types of tickets. The production facilities of the company are located in Chile, the USA, the USA, Germany, Brazil, Canada and Australia. Pollard Banknote also manufactures these types of games tickets and the company has factories in Canada and in the United States. Ticket manufacturers for smaller games have facilities throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Scratch card games are very popular throughout the United States. These games are popular for the chance to win prizes instantly and also for their low cost. There are more expensive scratch cards that cost from $ 20 to $ 30, but the prizes at stake are millions. However, many so-called instant tickets sold throughout the country, particularly in New York and Massachusetts, do not pay significant prizes instantly, but over several years and without a cash alternative. The popularity of Scratch cards has increased at a faster rate compared to any other form of lottery.

Due to the popularity of these games, there is also a high probability of fraud. Misuse of these scratch card games is the free distribution that offers prizes that range from low to much desired value. An example is the discount vouchers per time that can be exchanged through a particular agent in cars. These "fraudulent" cards show that you have won a prize; However, the value and nature of the prize can be determined by calling a number at an important amount per minute. In fact, the amount earned is much lower than the phone call.

Scratch card games are still very popular in the country and in the rest of the world, despite the fraudulent appearance that comes with it. These games are still very fun and can be played by most adults.

Key components of prenuptial agreements! Important provisions in well-written premarital agreements

In which circumstances should I consider a prenuptial agreement in Rhode Island?

Premarital agreements are not appropriate for each couple. The prenuptial agreements are the most prevalent in the second marriages. They are especially prevalent in the first or second marriage when one or both parties have children of a marriage or previous relationship. They also prevail when a future spouse has a child or children of a previous relationship.

This article only refers to a prenuptial agreement written in Rhode Island or that will be interpreted by the law of Rhode Island.

Is there a difference between a prenuptial agreement and a premarital agreement?

The premarital agreement, the antenuptial agreement and the prenuptial agreement are all different terms for the same document and are used interchangeably.

Preserving assets for children.

When a person has a son of another relationship and is studying a marriage, he often wants to make sure that his son will inherit earned goods. A person wants to make sure that their assets will be allocated to their children more than their new spouse or new spouses & # 39; children

Many parents fear that their earned goods that were acquired before the marriage will be allocated to their new spouse or their children when divorcing or dying rather to their own son.

Real estate planning can be a crucial element of a good pre-nuptial agreement!

Without protection by means of estate planning, will, trust or prenuptial agreement, a substantial part of your separate assets can go to your new spouse after the divorce or death. The patrimonial planning can also be a very important element in premarital agreements. I strongly advise you to retain a Rhode Island (RI) divorce lawyer and lawyer to draft or represent you about the execution of the premarital agreement.

Prenuptial agreements are often celebrated when the husband or wife has acquired important premarital "separate" goods / goods. In many cases, one of the spouses will have a property more substantial than the other spouse.

Be careful! The suggestion of a Prenuptial can be an emotionally charged problem.

Pay close attention when suggesting a premarital agreement with your future spouse, especially in a first marriage.

Often, your future husband / wife will be very upset with the suggestion that they must sign a premarital agreement. This is a very sensitive issue. Potentially potentiate the whole relationship. Some believe that premarital agreements run contrary to the marriage pact. Others are against the prenuptials because they believe that, in essence, they plan to divorce when the marriage is ideal forever.

Negotiate nuptial in advance of the wedding!

It is a very bad idea to suggest a prenuptial at the last moment. You must propose the nuptial before the wedding. The last thing you want to do is negotiate a complex contract a week or two before the wedding. It can be obvious that you contact a lawyer / lawyer just before the wedding and can make unjust pressure on your spouse.

What are the standard provisions for a simple prenuptial agreement?

The most standard prenuptial agreements only protect a separate premarital property of a person. In many cases, the parties renounce the entire title and the interest of the premarital property of the other. The prenuptial agreement must also address questions related to the appreciation of the value of premarital property during the course of marriage. The prenuptial should treat additions to pre-marital property after the wedding. The prenuptial should also be directed when a premarital property is used to buy other goods during the course of the marriage.

The simplest prenuptial agreements simply assert that all property owned by the parties before the marriage would be their separate property free and free of all claims of the other party. In this case, any property acquired after the marriage would be a civil property subject to equitable distribution. This type of prenuptial should also address the issue of increasing the value of premarital property.

Some prenuptial agreements go even further and state that property acquired in an individual name during the marriage would be separate property that the other party would not be entitled to divorce or death. The execution of this provision is, in the best case, tenuous.

Prenupional agreements can fundamentally state the provisions that the parties wish and the law allows.

What are the most important elements of a good antenuptial agreement?

The most important aspect of a good premarital agreement is clarity. The second important aspect of a nuptial is full and complete disclosure.

Both parties must make known all assets and liabilities.

If the parties have not disclosed material and substantial assets and liabilities, it may be that the nuptial is not executive. The husband and wife must attach a financial statement as an exposure to the prenuptial. If the parties do not properly disclose their assets and liabilities, it is debatable if the parties agreed to something because they do not know what they were in agreement.

Is it required that the future husband and husband have a lawyer?

It is not required that the parties have a lawyer to review the nuptials in Rhode Island (RI). Prenuptial agreements remain valid and enforceable, even if one of the parties had a lawyer who drafted the agreement and the other one did not have a lawyer to review the agreement.

Definition of the separate property:

The parties must define what constitutes a separate property and if the separate property includes additions, increase the value (appraisal) of the separate property. The parties must address the reinvestment of the property separated in another property during the course of the marriage.

Retirement accounts, 401 k, 403 (b), pensions

You can consider a provision regarding 401k, 403 (b), Share options, pensions, retirement accounts, as well as the increase in value, additions and / or reinvestments of these retirement accounts after the marriage. In order to give up certain marital rights on certain retirement accounts, you may need a provision according to the IRS guidelines by accepting that your spouse will sign appropriate forms to give up or give up the benefits of the spouse.

Disclaimer for alimini

Some pre-marriage agreements require one or both spouses to renounce their rights to pensions or temporary pensions. This can be a crucial part of a prenuptial agreement. This is often the area of ​​the most controversial negotiations.

Real state

Some preterm agreements deal with questions about real estate, especially real estate separated by the parties. You want to discuss with your lawyer if your spouse accepts or not to renounce your right to choose against the will of the other to death and renounce legal property. This is very important in Rhode Island. You may want to consider trusting real estate. All this is very complicated and should not be done without a lawyer

Jointly owned – Civil property.

You need to consider whether you want the agreement to include how to divide the married property at the time of divorce. Some people accept that all married properties will be distributed 50/50 after divorce or separation. Other agreements are silent on this issue.

Election of the right:

The parties must state according to what legislation the pre-nuptial agreement must be interpreted. If the parties reside in Rhode Island, they should have the Rhode Island law in the future.


Each party will be responsible for the separate premarital debt. Who will be responsible for the joint premarital debt? Will the parties agree to divide the joint 50-50 civil debt? Who will pay the individual or single debt caused during the marriage?

Life insurance

Does any of the parties agree to maintain life insurance for the benefit of the other spouse? It is often done as a way to make sure that the spouse is charged at death, even if the person's property plan excludes the opposite of the spouse. Do you have to keep life insurance after divorce or separation?


Who will keep gifts between the parties? What will happen to joint gifts or gifts given to a person but not to the other. Who will get the engagement ring, wedding wedding, jewels, art etc?

Separation clause

Most good premarital agreements contain a separability clause such as that set forth here: "AVAILABILITY. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid or not enforceable by a Court of competent jurisdiction, this Agreement shall be interpreted as if it were • legal, invalid, or the null provision was not part of this part and the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected therefore. "

Legal fees for divorce. Will any of the parties have to pay the other legal fees as part of the divorce?

Some prenuptial agreements deal with the issue of legal fees in a potential divorce.

Acknowledgments of counseling or the opportunity to retain a lawyer and acknowledgment that the agreement was freely and voluntarily celebrated.

It is important that the parties acknowledge that they read the agreement carefully, that they signed it freely and voluntarily and that they believe that the agreement is fair and equitable to them.

Many agreements contain a paragraph similar to this: GRADUATION. The parties have agreed mutually, during a series of conferences among them, the arrangements set forth herein. Each of the parties declares that it has had the opportunity to request independent legal advice from the lawyer of its own selection and that each one is satisfied with the justice of this agreement. The wife has kept Advocate X to represent her. The provisions of this Agreement and its legal effect have been fully explained to the parties and each one of the parties recognizes that he and her believe that the Agreement is fair and equitable, and a free and voluntary agreement is reached.

Provision of integration and modification .

It is crucial that there are no secondary agreements or verbal agreements outside the four corners of the documents. An integration clause is an important aspect of a prenuptial agreement.

Provision of cooperation

A provision of cooperation is essential for a good antenuptial agreement.

"COOPERATION. The parties must execute and deliver from time to time all the acts and other documents that are necessary, and they will do everything that the others, their heirs, executors or administrators. it will reasonably require the purpose of applying the full agreement of this Agreement: each of the parties in delivery and resignation to the other, or to others that, respectively, request, all their rights of courtesy or of given. This clause will allow and enable each of the parties to occupy their own separate property now acquired or owned, in all respects, unless it is limited by this Agreement, as if each one of the parties parts were alone. "

Disposition of disclosure

"Disclosure. Each of the parties has made a complete disclosure to all of the assets, assets and property liabilities or any other form of part of each of the respective parties, as they appear in the Exhibitions" A "," B "," C "and" D "" S & # 39; attached here. The parties recognize that they are aware that in the future, the financial circumstances of either or both of these may be altered in any way, either substantially, directly, indirectly or in a different way. "

Notary and witness of the director.

The agreement must be signed before a notary and, if both parties have attorneys, they may include a certification of the paragraph signed by both lawyers.

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