Key components of prenuptial agreements! Important provisions in well-written premarital agreements

[ad_1] In which circumstances should I consider a prenuptial agreement in Rhode Island? Premarital agreements are not appropriate for each couple. The prenuptial agreements are the most prevalent in the second marriages. They are especially prevalent in the first or second marriage when one or both parties have children of a marriage or previous relationship. […]

Spotting fake vintage jewelry

[ad_1] Collect vintage jewelry is fun and is a great hobby for many people who are collectors, buyers and distributors. Last year, Weiss's fake gems have appeared on eBay and other reputable auction sites such as Yahoo. Many people are cheating and spend more money than necessary. There are things to keep in mind when […]

Regarding prenuptial agreements.

[ad_1] Prenuptial agreements are extremely demanding in Rhode Island (RI). A prenuptial agreement is also commonly called a premarital agreement or an antenuptial agreement. A family law attorney and a divorced divorce lawyer must draft a pre-nuptial agreement. The Supreme Court of Rhode Island has made pre-nuptial agreements very difficult to put aside! General Law […]

Can you modify child support?

[ad_1] You can modify the amounts of assistance to children, ordered by the court. To change it is necessary that there is a change of circumstances. There are usually three circumstances in which you can modify the orders; 1] there have been at least 20 percent of changes in the gross income of the parents, […]