Effects of terrorism on the outsourcing industry in the Philippines

The world is on high alert for any terrorist attacks. According to reports, the Philippines is one of the countries most likely to be the target of a terrorist attack. However, there were press releases to the effect that this news was merely the product of false or harmful reports. However, the Philippine National Police was notified and took the matter very seriously. Police were requested to be seen in public, especially in airports and shopping centers.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have issued travel advice to inform their peoples of a possible terrorist attack in the Philippines. Reports of potential terrorists' Philippine government denied the attacks. In response to these travel advice in the Philippines, the Philippine Armed Forces are on high alert.

During this type of situation, the business sector or the Philippines' is affected by the stock market. Foreign investors think twice about investing in business in the country. But will this affect the Philippines business that is outsourced? The answer is "no".

It must be understood that when a company outsource its business, this does not mean that it moved the company to another country. Only part of the company's operations are outsourced. There are also data backup servers at the company's headquarters. If the server in the outsourcing company in the Philippines crashes, company data can be retrieved through the main server.

After the terrorist attack in New York City on September 11, companies in the United States decided to outsource their businesses in India and the Philippines, which are two of the preferred destinations for outsourcing.

There have been several bombings in the Philippines since past years. However, these appalling cases did not jeopardize the outsourcing business in the Philippines. Outsourcing industry continues to grow. Call center agents are still required to fill vacancies in various call centers in Manila and other provinces in the Philippines.

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In short, outsourcing companies in the Philippines can attest to the fact that terrorist attacks cannot put an end to the booming outsourcing industry, not only in the Philippines but in other countries.

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