The man behind P90X


If there is a man responsible for the bodies perfectly shaped by some people, this man would be Tony Horton. He dedicated his life to creating the perfect training program that would help people achieve the most desired bodies. Through their P90X, several people gained confidence and self-esteem.

Tony Horton is a famous fitness trainer and the creator of the "P90X Extreme Training System" is the only training system that revolutionizes the entire training system with 12 muscle pump exercises that induce sweat Designed to transform the body and tear it away. in a matter of 90 days.

The passion for fitness, exercise and nutrition of Horton had earned the trust of American professional athletes, US military and even members of the Congress. He also trained celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Usher, Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Annie Lennox, Rob Lowe, Sean Connery and Shirley MacLaine.

He created the P90X system to give people the body they want they can not get in any other fitness program that does not rhyme with their routine and sometimes does not give them the effects they wanted. . Tony Horton has the perfect plan for those who simply want to go healthy or for those who like to lose weight, and even if you want to make people pay attention.

Like all others, Tony Horton was humble begun. He was born in a small town of Westley Rhode Island and wanted to be an actor when he was a child. During childhood years, he was not a great athlete because he was focused on his studies. His father was an athlete known in his school and had even established athletic records, but the young Tony was more determined in individual sports such as gym and skiing. Even though he was athletic, he never developed a great body at school because his food choices were mostly sweet foods such as the chocolate cake that was his favorite favorite.

However, when he went to the University of Rhode Island in 1976, he became aware of his body already when someone told him he could land papers in Hollywood if he had a way.

After college, he pursued his acting career and moved to Los Angeles to find work as an actor. However, his possibilities were the roles of not acting, including being a useful man for Dom DeLuise and a gardener for Dolly Parton. He became a television program presenter, an engineer and even became a human statue.

During their training period, people observed the changes in their body. He discovered techniques to maximize training and, finally, he began to train collaborators and study executives.

Now it is clear that Tony's passion was to bring physical form to all those who responded to the cold.