Capilla de Sant Jordi Hostos in the old town, Rhodes


The island of Rhodes has numerous attractions for tourists. There are places such as the church of San Juan, the Butterfly Valley, the Church of Our Lady and the Monastery of Filerimos, the Church of the Annunciation and the Chapel of Sant Jordi Hostos to captivate you completely to the beautiful land of Rhodes.

For all of you who wish to celebrate, there are several places and charms in the island of Rhodes. The wonderful places that will keep you busy and happy during your trips.

Those wishing to celebrate on the island of Rhodes can have hotels in the city of Rhodes, cafes, bars, attractions, recreation and many different entertainments. Greek culture and hospitality will be displayed whenever you visit the site.

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Among the many beautiful chapels, churches and monasteries that embellish the island of Rhodes, there is the chapel of Sant Jordi Hostos in the medieval city. It is one of the wonders that are not wide in the old town of Rhodes. The Chapel of Sant Jordi Hostos is a small but frequently visited by tourists who come for a holiday in Rhodes.

It is located near the town of Trianta, which is also called Ialysos. It offers a great touristic experience and tourists find the place very interesting. If you stay in one of the hotels in the city of Rhodes during your vacation, you would not reach a problem. The Paris Hotel is a popular hotel in the old city of Rhodes, a 5-minute walk from the Roman Catholic Church of St Francis.

The Chapel of Sant Jordi Hostos is an underground church and is surrounded by many other historical and ancient structures. In the vicinity of the church you can find the monastery of Filerimos, which is a famous Greek temple.

It is said that the Chapel of Sant Jordi Hostos was built in Rhodes during the beginning of the Byzantine government. The incredible frescoes and paintings that embellish the walls of the chapel reflect the art of the 14th and 15th centuries. It is also said that these paintings and murals were placed by the knights of Saint, on the walls of the chapel.

There are different types of wall paintings that show Western influence on the island. In front of the entrance to the right of the church, there is a table of apostles, saints and Peter and Paul flanking the Christ. The arch of the church is also decorated with paintings of the Passion of Christ and the Blessed Virgin.

If you stay in one of the hotels in the city of Rhodes, you can plan a day trip to the Chapel of Sant Jordi Hostos. The ancient churches of Rhodes have their own charm and explain the history of the earth.

When you visit the old town of Rhodes, you will find several ancient habitats and buildings. These monumental structures are a great fascination for everyone. Although you visit the peripheral areas of the island of Rhodes, you will find substitutes for hotels in the city of Rhodes and enjoyment.